Blue Inc Schaumburg Job Review

By | November 22, 2014

blue inc schaumburgI’ve heard of some marketing jobs over at Blue Inc Schaumburg in the Chicago area. I’m not really sure what they do, as I only know a little from second-hand information passed down to me from the human resource manager. I do know that they are looking for individuals who are wanting management opportunities, but don’t have a lot of experience.

Jobs at Blue Inc Schaumburg offer advancement and compensation plans based on individual performance. This means that a person who works hard and really shows ambition not only gets paid more than the standard rate, they advance into these open management positions quicker.

Blue Inc Schaumburg

Hedging your bets on Blue Inc Schaumburg might be a pretty good idea. They seem to really know what they are doing and their human resource manager is really informative.

Apparently, they have a lot of management opportunities due to their new expansion plans throughout the United States. If you are interested, their information is below:

Blue Inc 1101 Perimeter Dr #440, Schaumburg, IL 60173 (847) 397-9312

To work at the company, you have to have a wide open availability as they don’t hire any part timers or interns at this point I don’t think. I didn’t get too far in-depth about that during my conversation, so they might be at this time. You’ll just have to call them and find out. Just do a search on Career Builder for Blue Inc Schaumburg and you’ll get more info.