Life as a Bail Bondsman in Atlanta, GA

Getting a job as a bail bondsman is probably easier than you may think. However, getting customers is quite a different story. In areas of high competition, the chances of a brand new bail bonds agent outperforming the other companies is pretty slim. That is, unless you know how to market your services better than the others.

For example, one Atlanta bail bondsman is extremely competitive with rates and the industry is generally being monopolized by two or three different companies. When I say ‘monopolize,’ I don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean that most bondsmen don’t know how to properly market their services. They are too concerned with looking at the immediate goal of getting customers from the city of Atlanta. However, if they were to take a step back and look at what customers are looking for, they would realize that there are several counties throughout the area that haven’t been marketed to properly.

Clayton County Bail Bonds

A great example of failing to market effectively is if you were to search for Clayton County bail bondsman you would only find one or two companies showing up for that term. I can almost guarantee that they aren’t focusing on those terms, but are simply ranking for them by default.

There are several arrests throughout the Clayton County area and most bail bonds agents aren’t focusing on that area deliberately. They should be. This is just one example of what you can do to market your agency effectively once you get up and going.

Bail Bondsman Jobs in Georgia

It’s actually pretty easy to get into the bonding industry. All you really have to do is pay a few hundred bucks and get licensed by the state. After that, you have to get licensed in whatever county(ies) you wish to do business in.

You may want to get some experience before you start out on your own. You can easily accomplish this by just doing some administrative work in a bail bonding company for a few months or assisting in searching for inmates. This will allow you to figure out how the industry works and find your way around.

Here’s some of the better bail bonds companies in Atlanta that you can get a job with.

Besides gaining experience, you’re going to want to acquire some funds to get incorporated. This will help you alleviate any personal risk on your end. An LLC or a corporation is great for this purpose, but also for taxes at the end of the year.

Another thing to consider is the financial liability of the bail bonds industry overall. After all, you are essentially vouching for someone to be let out of jail. An inmate should have to qualify to get a bond written. This is usually done through a cosigner and collateral. In addition, you can charge up to a 15% fee for your services.

All-in-all, the bonding industry can be fairly lucrative, but so can a lot of businesses. You’ll have to do your homework and gain some experience in the industry to really make an impact. Best of luck!

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